Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dead Poets Society

This movie I hadn't seen in years and I believe I enjoyed it more the second time around, maybe because I am older and can see it from a better prospective. For those who have yet to see this great film, it's about a private school for boys and the boys who take an English Poetry Class with Robin Williams as Mr. John Keating, who teaches the boys more than just poetry, about following their dreams. He shares with them the history of others who attended the school and about the Dead Poets Society andabojut their secret meetings in a cave where the boys would read poetry.

This is the film that made a star out of Ethan Hawke, who plays Todd Anderson, a shy young man of 18, who Mr. Keating helps to overcome that shyness. Due to Keating's unorthodox way of teaching, trouble brews for the boys and it's not until a tragic accident occurs, do the boys rally around their teacher.

I give Dead Poets Society 5 big stars.

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