Monday, April 30, 2012

Phar Lap: Heart of A Nation

Phar Lap: Heart of A Nation

I love animal movies, esp horse and dog movies and saw a recent trailer on this movie I hadn't seen since it first came out in '83 when we lived in Fresno. When we saw this true story, we'd never heard of Phar Lap, the Red Terror or Bobby as he was called by some. Phar Lap was an amazing Australian thoroughbred racehorse who was almost shot to death by criminals. This movie tells the remarkable love a stable boy has for this amazing horse, sleeping outside his stall everynight to protect Phar Lap. He is considered to be in the top all-time 100 racehorses at number 22. If you haved seen this film and haven't seen it for years or haven't seen it, you need to buy it from an independent seller, as amazon doesn't carry it. And, the version I have is the director's cut, which is what you'll get. Phar Lap's death has been shrouded in mystery for many years until most recently. I would see the movie before researching the rest of the story like I did.

I give this film a huge 5 stars.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome To Teri's Silver Screen Blog!!!

Hi Everyone,
Since I've been watching a lot of movies lately on my computer, I had the thought that there's a need for blogging about the movies we see and share those magic moments with our friends, family and others. Since so many of the old classics are coming out on DVD, they are getting new generations of audiences and with a lot of new movies eitgher the made for TV or straight to DVD, we need to spread the news about these movies. You can rent for free so many movies from your local library from the comfort of your computer, as most libraries have an online catalog of all genre's of movies. I will be reviewing old and new movies, as I've been seeing old classics I've not seen in years. So, feel free to come in and see what's up for your viewing pleasure.